Top 10 Most-Read Design News Stories of 2019

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As we move into 2020, we took a look back at the most popular Design007 news of the past year. Here for your enjoyment are the Top 10 most-read Design007 news stories of 2019.

New eBook Explores Tips for Executing Complex PCB Designs

Written by Scott Miller, COO of Freedom CAD Services, "The Printed Circuit Designer’s Guide to… Executing Complex PCBs" provides a set of guidelines for designing the most complex, high-speed circuit boards. This book is a must-read for anyone designing high-speed, sophisticated PCBs.

Mentor: PCB Shift-Left Forum 2019

Mentor, a Siemens business, will hold PCB Shift-Left Forum 2019 in Oulu, Finland on May 23, 2019 and Herzliya, Israel on Jun 4, 2019. The event will focus on establishing an effective PCB systems design validation process to help reduce design spins and increase product quality.

DownStream Technologies Moves to New Corporate Headquarters

Downstream Technologies, LLC has moved their corporate headquarters. The new, larger location will allow the company more space for future growth and because of the convenient location, the company will continue to be able to attract the best talent in the high-tech industry.

Zuken to Acquire Vitech Corporation

Zuken has inked an agreement to purchase Vitech Corporation for an undisclosed amount. Vitech is a global solutions company based in Blacksburg, Virginia, specializing in systems engineering, with products and services directed at the model-based systems engineering (MBSE) market.

Insulectro Promotes Megan Teta to Design Services Product Manager

“I am pleased today to announce Megan Teta’s promotion to Product Manager,” commented Ken Parent, vice president of sales and product management. “Megan joined Insulectro in 2017 and since that time has continually excelled as a field application engineer. She thoroughly understands the PCB manufacture and will be a major asset to our interest in providing design services.”

EMA Webinar: Don’t Let Your Design Data Manage You

With the mounting pressure engineers face to make everything "better, faster, cheaper, smaller" in less time, managing your design data can seem like the least of your concerns. However, data management issues can sink a project just as fast as any design flaw. Effectively managing your design data is a critical piece to ensuring overall project success.

IPC Designs for Excellence in Conjunction with PCB Carolina

IPC offers a day-long technical education seminar, Design for Excellence (DFX): DFM (design for manufacturing) DFR (design for reliability) DFA (design for assembly), in conjunction with PCB Carolina November 12, Raleigh, N.C., at the McKimmon Conference and Training Center.

DesignCon Presents 2020 Conference Programming

DesignCon, the nation’s largest event for chip, board, and systems design engineers, today announced its 2020 conference schedule presenting 14 newly refined and reorganized tracks covering a broad range of highly technical sessions, boot camps, tutorials, and more to fit the needs of the hardware design engineering community.

Ucamco Launches XNC PCB Drill Data Format

Ucamco, KiCad and Pentalogix have developed XNC, a format for PCB drill data, with the support of Graphicode, Cuprum and ZofzPCB.

SimplifyDA Launches SimplifyPLANR Bundle Route Planning Application

In order to streamline the creation of these bundle routing groups, SimplifyDA has released the SimplifyPLANR application. SimplifyPLANR is currently being offered free of charge.





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