Numerical Innovations Releases ACE 2D/3D Translator V8

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Numerical Innovations (NI) today announced its official release of ACE 2D/3D Translator Version 8.3.0 (64-bit).

ACE 2D/3D Translator is a "Full-Featured" CAD Software solution that will easily convert between ALL common EDA and CAD formats: DXF, Gerber, GDS-II, DWG, Postscript, PDF, HPGL, NC Drill/Rout, OASIS, Image files, ODB++, IPC-2581, SVG, and 3D formats STEP, STL.

The software allows users to convert CAD formats in just 4 STEPS! In addition, ACE has a friendly and modern GUI which drastically reduces the learning curve. Most users are able to successfully convert their first files in less than 5 minutes.

“ACE 2D/3D Translator is such a powerful CAD Conversion software solution – packed with Value and for a fraction of the price, when compared to other tools” states Miranda Yip, Chief Sales Officer of Numerical Innovations.  “We are especially excited about the new and improved 3D Step, IPC-2581 and SVG export features!” mentions Yip.

ACE 2D/3D Translator is for designers of PCB’s, Microwave and RF circuits, as well as laser cutting and Inkjet printing manufacturers.

Listed below, are a few of the new features on V8 of ACE 2D/3D Translator:

  • 3D Step Export. Extremely optimized B-Reps curves detection to minimize outputted STEP file size. 
  • New Export as Wireframe. Extremely fast and useful for reference in various 3D Software tools.
  • IPC-2581 Export. New option to export compressed files (*.tgz, *.zip)
  • SVG Export. Easily output optimized SVG files which can be useful for hundreds of purposes.
  • Full support for Flex and Rigid-Flex Designs. Includes new Layer Subtypes, Stackup Zones & more.
  • Open/Save Numerical Workspace files (*.wrk). 100% compatible with FAB 3000 and
  • Align Layers in ACE Editor (menu: Edit | Align Layers). Easily Align any input data before export.

Many Fortune 500 companies trust ACE 2D/3D Translator for their critical designs, including Apple, Google, Microsoft, Intel, and AMD, to name a few.  There are many customer testimonials listed on the ACE page at the NI website.


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