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Professor Eric Bogatin of the University of Colorado-Boulder is doing a rare live class, online, covering transmission line fundamentals. The 1.5-day Transmission Lines 101 will take place September 29-30. The tagline for the class is “Never be intimidated by transmission lines again!” 

Eric is known for taking complicated signal integrity issues and breaking them down into manageable bites that everyone can understand. The course will help PCB designers and design engineers understand how signals propagate on transmission lines, how to design transmission lines using a 2D field solver, and how to interpret TDR measurements. This will be applied to both single-ended and differential transmission lines.

This course is for any engineer or technician who wants to understand what characteristic impedance really means, how to think about signals on transmission lines, and how to effectively use commercial tools to design transmission lines and interpret TDR measurements. If your job involves transmission lines, this course will bring you from zero to mastering transmission lines.

The content is presented at a level suitable for mechanical engineers, test engineers, manufacturing engineers, materials engineers, and anyone who designs circuit boards for data rates above about 10 Mbps.

The class takes place on Thursday afternoon, September 29, and all day Friday, September 30. For more information, or to register, click here.





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