DFM 101: Solder Mask and Legend

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One of the biggest challenges facing PCB designers is understanding the cost drivers in the PCB manufacturing process. This article is the latest in a series that will discuss these cost drivers from the PCB manufacturer’s perspective, and the design decisions that will impact product reliability.  

Solder Mask Availability
Most shops provide a variety of solder masks to satisfy the needs of all customers. Table 1 is a description of typical solder masks currently available. The need for closer tolerances has driven the implementation of laser direct imaging (LDI) solder masks (laser-defined solder mask pattern instead of screening).


  • Solder mask is a protective coating that shields selected areas of a PCB from oxidation, handling and unwanted solder during assembly.
  • Solder mask allows a 0.003" web to be placed between pads in an SMD array, provided the minimum spacing between these pads is 0.007” (by design).
  • Green solder mask allows a 0.003” web to be placed between pads in an SMD array, provided the minimum spacing between these pads is 0.007” (by design). All colors cannot maintain this dam size.
  • To assure no solder mask on any pad in an SMD array, the minimum solder mask clearance for a surface mount pad is 0.002” per side (not applicable for panel sizes over 18”x24”). As space permits, a clearance of 0.0025” per side is preferred.
  • Allow 0.030” per-side solder mask clearance for score lines.
  • To prevent solder mask from going into and/or plugging a hole, solder mask clearance should be 0.010” (0.005” per side) larger than the pad size on both sides of the board.

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