Isola Lays Foundations for Faster Circuits at DesignCon 2022

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Isola Group, an innovative developer and supplier of top-quality printed circuit boards (PCB) materials, will be exhibiting at the upcoming DesignCon 2022 expo and conference. The event, scheduled for April 5-7, 2022, at the Santa Clara Convention Center (Santa Clara, CA), provides visitors with the chance to learn more about Isola’s reliable, high-performance circuit materials and how they can form the foundations for miniature circuit solutions engineered for the most efficient and practical manufacturing processes.

Isola Group will be well represented at exhibition booth #743, with details and data about its extensive portfolio of circuit materials. The event, in the heart of the historic “Silicon Valley” area of northern California, features a 14-track technical conference and large exhibition area. It is promoted as “Where the Chip Meets the Board,” and Isola is a leading supplier of materials for “the board.” The show highlights the latest, fastest-growing markets in electronics, including Fifth Generation (5G) wireless cellular communications with a growing demand for circuit materials for 5G infrastructure equipment and mobile devices.

Isola’s “material masters” will be on hand to share insights on their premium circuit materials for high-speed-digital (HSD) and RF/microwave (RF/MW) circuits. HSD circuit materials include I-Speed®, I-Tera® MT40, Tachyon® 100G and, for those developing low-loss, halogen-free circuits, the new high-speed TerraGreen® 400G laminates and prepregs, for designs requiring high-level SI performance to 100 Gb/s and beyond. Circuit materials for high-frequency RF/MW circuits include Astra® MT77, I-Tera® MT40 (RF/MW), and IS680/IS680 AG laminates. Standard TerraGreen® circuit materials provide a halogen-free choice for many general-purpose circuits while TerraGreen® 400G (RF/MW) circuit materials offer the halogen-free option at RF, microwave, and higher frequencies. These extremely low-loss circuit materials support circuits into the millimeter-wave (mmWave) frequency range, to 110 GHz. 

Since the challenging combination of high circuit density and miniaturization is a growing trend for HSD and RF/MW circuits, visitors to the Isola booth can learn how to combine both types of circuits into compact hybrid PCBs that support multiple-signal operation with multiple-material solutions. Time at the Isola booth can lead to improved understanding of the different circuit materials needed for modern electronic products requiring both HSD and RF/MW circuits, and how compatibility of essential material characteristics, such as coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), can enable the reliable, long-term coexistence of different circuit materials on a hybrid PCB. High-frequency circuit materials such as Astra® MT77 and I-Tera® MT40 are also FR-4 process compatible for ease of hybrid circuit fabrication. 

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