Don’t Miss Happy Holden’s ‘24 Essential Skills for Engineers’—Coming Soon

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Happy Holden has been working with advanced PCB technologies for almost 50 years. From his decades at HP to careers at Nan Ya, Mentor Graphics, Foxconn, and Gentex, Happy has been involved in much of the innovation in electronics that’s taken place since 1970. And through it all, Happy—a chemical engineer—has applied certain basic skills to every engineering challenge that he’s faced.

Now, these skills have been compiled into one handy book, 24 Essential Skills for Engineers. Many of these skills are not taught in a typical university’s electrical or chemical engineering curriculum. This book contains chapters on concepts such as problem solving, design of experiments, product and process life cycles, Lean manufacturing, and predictive engineering.

As Happy points out, these skills can help you get promoted, make your customers happy, and make your boss happy, too. If you’re an engineer in this industry—chemical, electrical, mechanical, or otherwise—this book is a must-read for you.

24 Essential Skills for Engineers will run you $79.95 when released to print, but as an eBook, it will be free to my I-Connect007 members. To create your account, click here.


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