Words of Advice: Biggest Challenges for Designers

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In a recent I-Connect007 survey to designers and design engineers, we asked the following question: What is the biggest PCB design challenge that you or your company deal with regularly?

Here are a few of the responses, edited slightly for clarity.

  1. The GUI of CAD tools are becoming too cluttered. There are just too many settings and sub-windows.
  2. Time to market—constantly evolving designs with no change to end dates.
  3. Alternative materials to source rather than spec’d in. It’s a profit trap masquerading as technical performance!
  4. DFM rules are hard to comply with, due to ever-decreasing board sizes. Most of the time, the violations are concentrated at component spacing.
  5. Dealing with outside turnkey assembly houses that don't know the capability of the raw board vendor they shop the board out to. We use one company to get our layer stackup and design the board, and then another board house that can't get the same material and has to change the stackup and modify the trace width and spacing using the new stackup.

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