Interactive Reference Designs are Now Available from Trinamic on Ultra Librarian

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Ultra Librarian®, the world's largest free cloud-based CAD library provider, has announced its partnership with Trinamic and Cadence to provide intelligent reference designs for download from Ultra Librarian. “These top reference designs from Trinamic in Cadence formats with CAD models from Ultra Librarian help design engineers jumpstart the design process,” said Manny Marcano, president and CEO of EMA. “This eliminates the tremendous number of hours typically spent recreating a design from a pdf and sourcing relevant parts.”

Reference designs are a valuable design tool for engineers to accelerate the design process and bring ideas to life faster. Instead of working from a pdf, engineers can download native CAD files in Cadence systems formats from Trinamic. There is no need to spend the time recreating a design from a pdf and sourcing relevant parts. With intelligent reference designs available in Ultra Librarian, designs can be downloaded along with all associated CAD models. 

These designs have been built, tested, and authorized by the manufacturers and verified by Ultra Librarian to ensure accuracy of the design and associated models. Each download comes with a complete Bill of Materials ready for purchasing. 

“Especially when it comes to designing applications, time is a precious resource as being first to market can make all the difference,” said Jonas P. Proeger, Director, Business Management at Trinamic Motion Control, now part of Maxim Integrated. “The performance of motor control applications depends on a good routing and component choice. With the offering of design files covering Trinamic's most popular evaluation boards, engineers can save precious resources and reduce time to market without compromising on quality.”

For more information about Ultra Librarian or to download CAD models from its library of over 15 million parts for free, visit

About Ultra Librarian

Ultra Librarian® is the world's largest part library, providing all of the component information designers need to make smart decisions for their next project. Users can instantly access pricing, inventory, manufacturer information, and pre-built parts targeted to their CAD tool of choice. By partnering with Ultra Librarian, you can increase value to customers within the PCB Design industry, provide them with your latest part information and accelerate their path to production; giving you the opportunity to make your pitch when the selection process is happening.



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