Altium Partners with ESCRYPT to Enhance Automotive Cybersecurity

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Altium has joined forces with ESCRYPT, a leading provider of IT security solutions in embedded systems, to enhance automotive cybersecurity.

For over 25 years, Altium TASKING has helped automotive software engineers meet proportionately challenging standards, including functional safety features and electric vehicle certification.

The union of TASKING and ESCRYPT gives automobile manufacturers and suppliers an easy and cost-effective way to implement enhanced security features from compiler to security software in accordance with ISO 26262.

TASKING’s development environment easily supports the host-side integration of ESCRYPT’s CycurHSM security software. ESCRYPT’s CycurHSM is specifically targeted at microcontrollers with an integrated, physically encapsulated hardware security module (HSM), such as Infineon Tricore/Aurix, STMicroelectronics Chorus or Renesas RH850.

The embedded security software ensures freedom from interference up to ASIL-D in safety-critical systems and provides the necessary API interfaces. CycurHSM is now qualified for the TASKING toolchain, whose tools are optimized for safety-critical real-time applications and support the same hardware platforms. This simplifies the adaptation of IT security functions to the individual requirements of the vehicle control unit and the E/E architecture, and shortens turnaround times.

Automotive suppliers and OEMs can now use the TASKING development environment to quickly and cost-effectively qualify their systems to an ASIL-D safety concept. CycurHSM then performs the necessary IT security functions in the microcontroller’s hardware security module, such as data encryption and authentication, secure booting, flashing and debugging or runtime manipulation detection.

As Franz Maidl, Director of Global TASKING Business elaborates: "The applications developed with our tools are intended to produce control units and vehicle systems that are safe in every respect. It is therefore a must to include the IT security functions directly in the development process."

Raimund Stampa, Product Manager CycurHSM at ESCRYPT, adds: “For many of our customers who work with TASKING development environments, the seamless integration of IT security measures into their systems will now become even easier by a considerable margin."



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