Tech Generators to Market Freedom CAD Services

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Tech Generators (TG), an Engineering Services Consultancy has agreed to represent Freedom CAD Services (FCS), one of the largest, independent Electronic Design Services companies in North America. FCS is best known for its complex, high-speed Printed Circuit Board Design (100G) and Signal Integrity/Power Simulation expertise. FCS also offers Electrical and Mechanical Engineering services, contractor placement and rapid turnkey prototyping. FCS’s hardware engineering services superbly complement TG’s Software/Firmware Development and Test capabilities, as well as TG’s Design Simulation (FEA/CFD/THERMAL) product engineering solution.

“Freedom CAD is a tremendous addition to our product development solution. TG’s focus is on providing the best-in-class engineering resources to our clients and we hit a home run with Freedom CAD,” states Wes Schropp, Managing Director, Tech Generators.

“Freedom CAD is the premier High-Speed Design provider in the USA, period. What impresses me most about FCS is the level of professionalism. Productivity is my major focus and knowing a task or project is going to be handled professionally and with our client’s best interests at heart is why TG chose to engage with FCS,” said Patrick O’Shea, Managing Director, Tech Generators.

“We are very excited to have Tech Generators on board,” said Scott Miller, Chief Operating Officer for Freedom CAD. “They bring a strong combination of technical expertise and industry experience, particularly in Silicon Valley, to Freedom CAD and we believe they will contribute significantly to our industry recognition and growth in the region.”

Be sure to download Freedom CAD Services' free micro eBook The Printed Circuit Designer’s Guide to… Executing Complex PCBs. Visit to download this and other free, educational titles.


Freedom CAD Services, Inc. specializes in the design of high-speed, high-performance, rules-driven PCB’s where precision is required. Freedom CAD is headquartered in Nashua, NH and has satellite design centers in California, Florida, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia in the US and Vancouver in Canada. Visit us on the web at


Tech Generators (TG) is an Engineering Services Consultancy. We assist our customers by partnering them with international resources best suited to fulfilling their specific engineering requirements. TG was founded by long-time friends Wes Schropp and Patrick O’Shea. Both are 25+ year Silicon Valley veterans possessing tremendous international product development experience.


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