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ExpressPCB®, the easiest circuit board design software to learn and use, is excited to expand their online service with the addition of Live Chat on their website, From the company’s website, customers will be able to chat quickly and efficiently with an ExpressPCB support representative. The new service provides one-on-one, real-time interaction for customers.

“We continually strive to meet or exceed our customer’s expectations, whether in regards to our schematic and layout design software, printed circuit board manufacturing, or customer support. Adding Live Chat allows customers a more direct line to solutions, which saves time and keeps projects moving forward,” said Michael Hebda, ExpressPCB’s Product Manager. “Our customers have regularly touted our customer support, and we look forward to elevating their experience.”

ExpressPCB continues to add features and services that allow Design Engineers to be as efficient as possible. We help bring your ideas to life with free CAD Software, coupled with the highest quality, and lowest US based manufacturing costs possible.

About ExpressPCB®

ExpressPCB® is an established leader in providing software and manufacturing solutions for high quality, low cost, and quick turnaround prototyping. With more than 20 years of experience and over 1 million successfully completed PCB projects behind us, our customers have experienced the difference that we bring in the electronics industry. ExpressPCB is committed to improving the overall process for design engineers of all levels and abilities with the fastest to learn layout software available with seamless integration to PCB ordering and manufacturing.

ExpressPCB’s Schematic and Layout tools are simple and unencumbered by multiple layers of menus, options and settings that more advanced PCB Design suites require mastering before you even start on your design project.

If time is of the essence and there is a need to quickly turn out a prototype to get a project off the ground, then ExpressPCB is the only choice.

For more information about ExpressPCB’s PCB solutions, please visit Trademarks: ExpressPCB® is trademarked by ExpressPCB, LLC.



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