PCB West 2018 Draws a Crowd of Designers and Technologists

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Last week, the I-Connect007 team attended UP Media Group’s PCB West 2018 Conference and Exhibition. I have been attending this event for many years, and every year the show is better than the year before. This year was no exception.

Held in the heart of Silicon Valley, this Santa Clara-based event comprised more than 65 presentations for attendees to choose from. After the sessions wrapped up on the first day, UPMG celebrated the exhibitors and speakers by hosting a beautiful evening on the patio, with great food, beverages, and lively conversation.



This is where I had the chance to catch up with UPMG founder Pete Waddell. Like most people in the design community, I have known Pete for years. We discussed his team’s success with the event, and Pete shared some great stories about his newest interest: learning to sail his 30-foot sailboat Double Diamond in Florida.




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