Software Bytes: How Selling EDA Software Has Changed…or Not

January 13, 2017 | Abby Monaco, Intercept Technology, Inc.

Prior to the boom in digital devices, print was the overwhelming vehicle for getting one’s name out there. Every vendor competed for ad space. Sales and marketing fought over ownership of such ad space, and large amounts of sales revenue went right back into funding the designing and displaying of these ads. Good ads and bad ads generated industry conversation. (Who remembers the Bunny ad campaign?)

Lightning Speed Laminates: PCB-Based Antennas and PIM Concerns

January 11, 2017 | John Coonrod, Rogers Corporation

A large variety of PCB-based antenna structures are used at microwave frequencies, and some are used at higher frequencies. A common PCB antenna structure is a microstrip patch antenna. A microstrip structure is a two-layer copper circuit with a signal plane and a ground plane, but it is more common for this type of circuit to be the outer layers of a multilayer circuit.

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