Beyond Design: The Case for Artificial Intelligence in EDA Tools

June 28, 2016 | Barry Olney, In-Circuit Design Pty Ltd

There has been a lot of activity in the field of artificial intelligence recently, with such developments as voice recognition, unmanned autonomous vehicles and data mining to list a few. But how could AI possibly influence the PCB design process? This month, Barry Olney will take a look at the endless possibilities.

The State of the Electronic Design Automation Nation

June 27, 2016 | Abby Monaco, Intercept Technology

We are the automation nation. We are the high-speed demons, the low-frequency artists, the mixed-signal designers that make up the electronic design automation industry. We spend most of our working lives behind software, delivered to our fingertips with the promise of making things easier, faster, better, and getting us to our deadlines ever faster.

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