EMA Design Automation to Expand Reach into the Indian EDA Market

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EMA Design Automation, a full-service provider and innovator of Electronic Design Automation (EDA) systems solutions, is partnering with Sunstream Global Technologies to expand their reach and provide Cadence system design solutions and support in India. Sunstream Global is an India-based company specializing in solutions and services for Electronic Design, Mechanical Design, Product Development, and associated IT services.

“As the need for collaboration among multinational engineering team increases, it became imperative we meet this demand,” said Manny Marcano, president and CEO of EMA Design Automation. “Our expansion into India marks a milestone as we open up to new opportunities, and we are excited to provide a value-added client relationship experience to an even larger audience.”

Companies with engineering teams in India are continuing to increase, making this expansion a natural progression for EMA. This partnership allows EMA to establish a local presence and engage directly with engineers in the same way they would with existing customers. Now companies will be able to directly benefit from EMA's proven track record of customer-first service and support.

Sunstream will carry out EMA's mission of supporting customers with the best service and products. “EMA is a driver of meaningful change within the EDA industry due to their customer first focus and technological expertise,” said Unni Mecheeri, CEO of Sunstream Global Technologies. “We're proud to be part of their team.”

Building on the success of a five-year-long relationship, this expanded collaboration will allow customers and partners in India to leverage the same cutting-edge technology and first-rate client experience EMA has been pioneering in North America for over 30 years.

“Unni and his team have helped EMA with numerous successful customer engagements,” said Marcano. “With their professionally trained and competent sales and support engineers, I am confident they will represent EMA professionally, and we will jointly provide new clients in India with true value-added sales and services” 

To promote our entrance into this market, we are offering special pricing on the industry standard OrCAD PCB design software. This unprecedented offer in the Indian market serves to help all engineers regardless of budget get access to the professional grade tools, service, and support from Cadence and EMA they deserve. To



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