Zuken USA Announces Partnership with Delta Sigma Company

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Zuken USA Inc., and Delta Sigma Company announced a partnership to bring enhanced manufacturing using augmented reality to the wire harness design and manufacturing process. Harness Builder for E3.series, part of Zuken’s popular electrical harness design suite of tools, now has the capability to drive Delta Sigma Company’s ProjectionWorks. This partnership falls under Zuken’s digital engineering initiative, providing a solution consistent with digital engineering practices by eliminating spreadsheets and manual processes. 

Improved Productivity with Augmented Reality
ProjectionWorks, an award-winning manufacturing automation solution, uses projection-based augmented reality technology to provide step by step visual instructions for harness assembly. By visualizing the cable assembly connection points, routing, and instructions, manufacturing productivity is dramatically improved. 

“ProjectionWorks is the latest innovation in augmented reality technology, enabling smart manufacturing processes which save businesses time and money,” said Craig Cappai, president of Delta Sigma Company. “It is really exciting to work with Zuken to bring to market a new production process for wire harness design that has the potential to significantly boost productivity.” 

Harness Builder for E3.series utilizes an extensive database of connectors, cables, wires, labels, clips, cable protection, and other harness accessories to design a complete wire harness. Using the seamless interface, detailed design information is passed to ProjectionWorks for the sequencing of tasks to build the physical harness.  Wire and cable design data can also be sent directly to state-of-the-art wire cutting and labeling machines for automated processing. Using ProjectionWorks, working notes and part positioning are projected directly onto a formboard to facilitate accurate assembly of the harness. Once the harness has been created digitally, test data can be delivered directly from Harness Builder for E3.series to all major automated harness testing machines.

“As products become more and more complex, leveraging the latest technologies such as augmented reality for manufacturing is key to our success,” said Kent McLeroth, president of Zuken USA Inc. “Partnering with Delta Sigma combines the best in wire harness design and manufacturing that will ultimately boost our mutual customers’ productivity. We will continue to identify and collaborate with exceptional partners like Delta Sigma Company to deliver the latest in design and manufacturing solutions consistent with our digital engineering initiative.”

Software Designed for Manufacturers
Harness Builder for E³.series supports the custom wire and cable harness market and is designed specifically for harness manufacturers for the accurate quotation and full creation of nail-board/peg-board documentation. Harness manufacturers can save time while easily creating their harness documentation from drawings or a wirelist. Using Harness Builder for E3.series for digital design, combined with ProjectionWorks for assembly, it is now possible to make fast, accurate harness estimates, design the harness, and manufacture that harness in a highly productive manner.



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