IPC APEX EXPO 2020 Dawns on San Diego

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The sun rises on IPC APEX EXPO this fine Tuesday in San Diego, California, climbing as it does toward its own apex. And with the dawn of a new day comes opportunity, freshness, and progress. This year marks the 20th year of IPC APEX EXPO, and brings that same freshness, progress and opportunity that greets us with the dawn. Even as the show was setting up, technical meetings had already begun.

Progress is already underway! Early reports around the event suggest we'll be hearing about increased precision from equipment, and greater problem solving from software. All these rapidly iterating improvements take us closer to the yields, production volumes and densities our customers strive for.

What? No big revolution? Maybe. Maybe not. We'll see what happens. If not, that's okay. The sun doesn't always rise on a brand new world; it does, however, always bring a new day full of promise. Join us at the San Diego Convention  Center through Thursday or follow along at www.iconnect007.com and www.realtimewith.comas we report throughout the week.




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