SimplifyDA Launches SimplifyPLANR Bundle Route Planning Application

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It is not uncommon for an engineer to provide bundle routing flows to the designer. These flows can be hand-drawn images on a napkin, a Word document, or maybe a PowerPoint slide. All of these methods have one thing in common, they are inefficient.

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In order to streamline the creation of these bundle routing groups, SimplifyDA has released the SimplifyPLANR application. SimplifyPLANR accomplishes this by:

  • Adding/removing nets
  • Specifying routing layers per group
  • Specifying desired routing path
  • Providing unique colors for each group
  • Saving flows for use in the SimplifyPCB router
  • Performing multiple “what-if” scenarios to verify routing path is possible
    (Routes are not saved; SimplifyPCB is required to save routing)
  • Examining layout DSN files
  • Best of all, it does not tie up a license of the corporate layout application

SimplifyPLANR is currently being offered free of charge. Visit to request and download a license.

About SimplifyDA

SimplifyDA provides robust, cutting-edge topology PCB and package autorouters. By implementing algorithms which closely mimic hand-routing techniques, SimplifyDA provides the best-in-class results, leading to enhanced productivity.



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