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IPC-2581 Demo Draws a Crowd at IPC APEX EXPO
03/21/2018 | Real Time with...IPC
Luc Maesen Discusses Ucamco's New Tools for Designers, Fabricators
03/21/2018 | Real Time with...IPC
MakeHarvard 2018: The Super Bowl of Makeathons
03/17/2018 | Sunstone Circuits
Still Using 1980s Formats for Design Data Handoff?
03/09/2018 | Hemant Shah and Ed Acheson, Cadence Design Systems
RTW IPC APEX EXPO: Polar Instruments Discusses New Engineer, SpeedStack Upgrades
03/07/2018 | Real Time with...IPC
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RTW IPC APEX EXPO: Judy Warner Discusses EDA Market and Altium's Growth

Judy Warner, Altium's director of community engagement, discusses what it's like transitioning to the EDA software side of the business. Warner also highlights Altium's growth after reporting first-half earnings.

Tips & Tricks: Rule-Based PCB Layout

You’ll need to refer to your fab house, both to ensure that they can build what you need, and to get the final say on their design rules. Some fab houses even have downloadable design rules for various CAD packages. That makes setting things up a lot easier.

Designers Notebook: Specifying Lead-Free Compatible Surface Finish and Coating for Solderability and Surface Protection

A majority of the components furnished for electronic assembly are designed for solder attachment to metalized land patterns specifically designed for each device type. Providing a solder process-compatible surface finish on these land patterns is vital; however, selection of the surface finish on the circuit structure, whether plated or coated, can be greatly influenced by the components’ terminal metalization and the specific alloy composition used for the assembly process.

Car Talk

The automotive electronics segment has exploded. Early cars didn’t have much in the way of electronics. Even in 1950, electronics made up only 1% of a car’s cost. But that figure is expected to hit 35% in 2020, and 50% in 2030--and that means a whole lot of PCBs. This issue of The PCB Design Magazine features the impact of increasing electronics content in cars on the PCB design and manufacturing industry.

Polar Talks Impedance and Insertion Loss Testing

Product Specialists Michael Bode and Geoffrey Hazlett join Guest Editor Dan Feinberg to talk about controlled impedance and insertion loss testing.
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