SiSoft to Present, Exhibit at SPI 2016 in Italy May 8-11

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Signal Integrity Software (SiSoft) will be presenting and exhibiting at the IEEE Workshop on Signal and Power Integrity (SPI) 2016 in Turin, Italy. For 19 years, the SPI event has brought together developers and researchers from industry and academia in order to encourage cooperation. 

SiSoft’s technologists will be available in the SiSoft booth to discuss attendees’ signal integrity issues during exhibit hours. During the conference, SiSoft will present the following:

Tuesday, May 10, 4:15-4:30 pm
"7 Challenging SI/PI Problems that Have No Existing Solution"
--Donald Telian, SI Guys

Wednesday, May 11, 9:30-9:50 am
"Ripple Analysis: Identify and Quantify Reflective Interference through ISI Decomposition" 
--Richard Allred, SiSoft

SiSoft will also be presenting the following at the European IBIS Summit, which is co-located with the SPI 2016 Conference:

"Understanding IBIS-AMI Simulations"
--Richard Allred, SiSoft

"Using IBIS-AMI Models to Maximize Data Rate Given SerDes EQ and Channel ISI/Loss"
--Donald Telian, SI Guys

Starhotel Majestic
Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 54
Turin, Italy

Conference registration information may be found by clicking here

About SiSoft
SiSoft provides award-winning EDA simulation software, methodology training and consulting services for system-level high-speed design. Quantum Channel Designer is the industry’s premier channel simulator for the design and analysis of multi-gigabit serial links and a DesignVision Award Winner. Quantum-SI is the leading solution for integrated signal integrity, timing and crosstalk analysis of high-speed parallel interfaces. SiSoft’s software products automate comprehensive pre- and post-route analysis of high-speed interfaces, detailing a design’s operating voltage and timing margins. Visit







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