Mentor Graphics Names 26th Annual PCB Technology Leadership Awards Winners

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2015 Technology Leadership Award Winners

Category: Best Overall Design

  • Company: Abaco Systems Ltd.
  • Design team: Jim Rose, Zeshan Hussain, Eric Mills, Peter Woodruff
  • Using: Xpedition® Enterprise

Category:  Computers, Blade & Servers, Memory Systems

  • 1st place: Adcom
  • Design team: Moshe Frid, Elad Marciano, Alon Kukliansky
  • Using: Xpedition Enterprise
  • 2nd place: Seagate Technology LLC
  • Design team: Keith MacLean, Andre' Dutko
  • Using: Xpedition Enterprise

Category: Consumer Electronics & Handhelds

  • 1st place: Qualcomm Technologies Inc.
  • Design team: Bryan Selby, Scott Moyes
  • Using: Xpedition Enterprise
  • 2nd place: LG Electronics
  • Design team: Kyu-seon Ahn, Sang-geun Kim, Sang-don Kim
  • Using: Xpedition Enterprise

Category: Industrial Control, Instrumentation, Security & Medical

  • 1st place: Keysight Technologies
  • Design team: Michael Villaruel, Ryan Carlino, Steve Draving, Don Logelin, Lewis Dove, Nick Fernandez, Jeanne Snow
  • Using: Xpedition Enterprise
  • 2nd place: Sintecs BV
  • Design team: Tom Berends, Paul ten Wolde, Wouter Stapper, Henk Mengerink, Maarten Tettero, Andrei Tuturou
  • Using: Xpedition Enterprise



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