Mentor Webinar: Maximizing the Accuracy of FloTHERM Models

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This January 20 webinar will introduce the new capability in FloTHERM v11.1 to automatically calibrate FloTHERM models to match T3Ster measurements. T3Ster measurements capture the full transient thermal characteristics of a device, and converts this into industry standard Structure Function curves.

When a FloTHERM model of a device can produce the same Structure Function measured by T3Ster, the user can ensured that the FloTHERM model accurately includes all package time constants and will respond correctly in any steady state or transient application. The webinar will describe why the calibration process is important to thermal design, and the steps required in FloTHERM v11.1 to produce a calibrated model.

The webinar will take place January 20 at 10 am Pacific, and 11 am London time. For more information, click here.


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