Intercept Unveils Enhancements to Pantheon Ink Resistor Technology

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Intercept Technology Inc., a leading EDA software developer for PCB, RF and Hybrid Design solutions today announced powerful and leading-edge enhancements to Pantheon Ink Resistor functionality. In line with Intercept’s mission to provide the highest in advanced design technology, enhancements include the ability to create rectangular as well as complex ink resistor shapes parametrically on the fly during layout, or from information obtained from a schematic. Ink resistor components reside in the design database as parametric types, allowing for flexible modifications as needed at any point during the design process. And, new ink resistor functionality provides users with the ability to manipulate individual ink resistor layers, whether internal or external, creating powerful ink resistor modification capabilities. Defined parametric properties can be saved for use in any design, and users can auto-generate ink resistors based on given inks.

Ink resistor enhancements in Pantheon were built with intuitive graphics and dialogs for the easy setup, generation and modification of ink resistors. Users can create ink resistor shapes either from ink resistor calculation formulas or flexible dialog options as needed. The Ink Resistor Generator Dialog also includes a preview window that updates as ink resistor attributes are modified. And, easy-to-understand graphics help in the specification of such parameters as extensions for overglaze, placement and routing as well as net keepout outlines.

For ink resistor laser trim parameters, Pantheon capabilities provide full functionality with options for passive and functional trim, and additional options are available to specify static and/or dynamic trim clearances for placement and routing. Users can set resistor tolerances and trim percentages for flexibility in ink resistor creation.

“Enhancements to Pantheon’s ink resistor functionality combine the power of Pantheon’s PCB/Hybrid/RF design flow with the intuitive setup and modification of complex ink resistor shapes for the highest advancements in design layout and geometry creation,” said Dale Hanzelka, Director of Sales and Marketing at Intercept. “The resulting software solution provides users with the power to create the highest quality designs in a time of ever-advancing design needs.”

About Intercept

Intercept Technology Inc. is the leading supplier of PCB, RF, hybrid and high speed software solutions for the EDA industry. Intercept's software suite includes PCB schematic and layout design with simulation interfaces, design for manufacture (DFM) rules checking, library management, and 35+ database translators and interfaces that facilitate full environment migration as well as the completion of RF, hybrid, SiP, Analog, Digital, and Mixed-Signal designs. Additionally, Intercept's software solutions are scalable, serving small, medium and large sized companies.



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