Altium Announces Launch of Altium 365 GovCloud

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Altium, a leading provider of electronics design software, has announced the launch of a dedicated region of the Altium 365 cloud platform designed for regulated companies and organizations handling sensitive data. Located on US soil and exclusively managed by US persons in the AWS GovCloud region, Altium 365 GovCloud helps organizations ensure compliance with various US government regulations by choosing an Altium 365 workspace in the GovCloud region.

Participating in the United States defense supply chain, aerospace, energy, and telecommunications industries requires compliance with regulatory requirements such as ITAR and EAR. Altium 365 GovCloud can help organizations manage regulated product development, meet flow-down requirements as contractors and suppliers, maintain strict control over access to their intellectual property (IP), and reduce IT overhead. The Altium 365 GovCloud team, led by the Director of Cloud Solutions Volodymyr Volotko, brings significant expertise in establishing secure and compliant environments for government agencies and contractors.

Altium 365 GovCloud offers organizations all the features and advantages of the Altium 365 cloud platform, along with additional security measures customized for highly regulated industries.

Altium recognizes that government agencies require a secure and compliant project management environment. Bruno Blasigh, Director of Cloud Security, says, "Altium 365 GovCloud offers a cloud-based solution that helps to meet U.S. government’s export regulations, enabling government agencies and contractors to securely collaborate, design, and manage their projects, helping them achieve mission success."

Ananth Avva, Senior Vice President and GM Cloud Platform, added, "Altium 365 GovCloud provides additional security and compliance controls to support critical public sector missions. We are committed to providing top-tier solutions that assist the defense industrial base and government agencies in delivering value to the communities they serve." Altium offers a Trust Center with a knowledge base to help users understand the security and compliance features of Altium 365 GovCloud. For more information on Altium 365 GovCloud, visit Altium 365 GovCloud.


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