LogicSwap Solutions' Software Converts Third-party PCB Design Data to eCADSTAR

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LogicSwap Solutions, a US-based company specializing in data migration software for the EDA industry, is now offering a free data conversion package to transfer third-party PCB design data to Zuken’s eCADSTAR format. The software enables eCADSTAR users to utilize Altium Designer library, schematic, and PCB design data for design, analysis, and manufacturing within the eCADSTAR toolset. 

The free Altium Designer to eCADSTAR conversion software from LogicSwap is available today and recommended by the eCADSTAR team. Software and support are provided directly by LogicSwap Solutions.

The eCADSTAR tool is Zuken’s PCB design solution for small and medium companies looking for high performance at a low cost. eCADSTAR delivers a complete 2D/3D PCB design process, including web part import, SI/PI analysis, and IPC-2581 manufacturing outputs.



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