Ansys Announces Financial Results with Record Q4, FY 2022

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ANSYS, Inc. reported fourth quarter 2022 GAAP and non-GAAP revenue growth of 6% and 5% in reported currency, respectively, or 11% and 10% in constant currency, respectively, when compared to the fourth quarter of 2021. For FY 2022, GAAP and non-GAAP revenue growth was 8% and 7% in reported currency, respectively, or 14% and 13% in constant currency, respectively, when compared to FY 2021. For the fourth quarter of 2022, the Company reported diluted earnings per share of $2.95 and $3.09 on a GAAP and non-GAAP basis, respectively, compared to $2.30 and $2.81 on a GAAP and non-GAAP basis, respectively, for the fourth quarter of 2021. For FY 2022, the Company reported diluted earnings per share of $5.99 and $7.99 on a GAAP and non-GAAP basis, respectively, compared to $5.16 and $7.37 on a GAAP and non-GAAP basis, respectively, for FY 2021. Additionally, the Company reported fourth quarter and FY 2022 ACV growth of 8% and 9% in reported currency, respectively, and 13% and 14% in constant currency, respectively.

“2022 was an outstanding year for Ansys. Our focus on customer success, product leadership and execution drove double-digit constant currency ACV and revenue growth for the fourth quarter and full year. Our excellent performance is evidence of the significant value that our best-in-class multiphysics product portfolio delivers to our customers as well as the immense opportunity that lies ahead of Ansys,” said Ajei Gopal, Ansys president and CEO. “Our customers continue to rely on Ansys simulation to drive innovation across their next-generation products. We recently released the latest version of our portfolio, which is helping users to bring smarter, more sustainable products to market faster and at lower costs.”

Gopal further stated, “I am also proud to say that we achieved over $2.0 billion in ACV in 2022, which exceeds the 2022 ACV target outlined at our 2019 investor day. We did this despite a global pandemic, the war in Ukraine and trade sanctions, that made for a challenging and volatile macroeconomic environment with unprecedented foreign exchange headwinds. Looking ahead to 2023 and beyond, I am confident in our ability to continue to meet the 2025 goals we outlined in our investor update last August.”

Nicole Anasenes, Ansys CFO, stated, “Q4 concluded another excellent year and demonstrated the strength and resilience of our business model against a backdrop of consistent customer demand for simulation and exceptional execution by the Ansys team. We exceeded our financial guidance across all key metrics for the quarter and the full year. With strong, consistent growth throughout 2022, ACV and non-GAAP revenue grew 14% and 13% in constant currency, respectively, on a full-year basis. In FY 2022, we saw broad-based growth across geographies, industries and customer types. We are entering 2023 with momentum and a robust pipeline and backlog, which gives us continued confidence in achieving our long-term outlook of 12% ACV CAGR and $3.0 billion of unlevered operating cash flow from 2022-2025.”


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