PCEA Orange County Chapter Lunch ‘n Learn Meeting Set for Feb. 23

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For the February Lunch ‘n Learn event, we will explore some of the advances in embedded resistors and capacitors which can benefit many designs today. These two guest speakers will offer informative presentations to educate us on this important and growing technology trend.   

Embedded Capacitance and Improved Power Delivery
Bob Carter, VP-Business Development & Technology – Oak-Mitsui Technologies

This presentation provides an overview/definition of the different types of embedded capacitance as well as fundamentals of power distribution network design for high-speed digital circuits. Bob will also cover how it is used in various types of practical applications such as MEM’s and RF modules. Using ultra-thin power and ground plane pairs as embedded capacitance layers provide superb electrical performance with regards to charge delivery. There are particular benefits for reducing or mitigating noise and improving logic transitions. Performance, manufacturability, reliability and cost analysis will be discussed.

Designing with TCR Thin-Film Embedded Resistor Foil
John Andresakis, Business Development Director – Quantic Ohmega

John will present an overview of thin film embedded resistors and educate us on the applications showing the advantages and reliability by designing with this technology. Improvements in signal integrity can be achieved and embedded resistors can eliminate many SMT components to free up surface space while improving performance and reliability. We will learn about power handling of embedded resistors to aid in thermal management. Designers will learn about the various types of designs, including RF and microwave applications, which can greatly benefit from adopting embedded resistor technology. 

Reserve a spot on your calendar for Thursday, February 23 from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm for this educational event.  

Santa Ana Elks Lodge, the Emerald Room
1751 S. Lyon Street
Santa Ana, California 92705

The cost to attend this Lunch ‘n Learn event is $15 at the door. We are pleased to have the sponsorships of Oak-Mitsui Technologies, Quantic Ohmega and Freedom CAD to help us cover the cost of the venue.

Please RSVP to scott.mccurdy@freedomcad.com by noon on February 22 so planners can get an accurate headcount for the luncheon.   


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