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Shrinking Silicon: A Warp Speed Facilitator

As we all learned by watching Star Trek, a lot of crazy things can happen at warp speed. There’s just no room for error at warp speed. Now, many PCB designers are dealing with increasing signal speeds and rise times, and a parliament of other effects—some positive, some negative—thanks to shrinking silicon. Not quite warp speed, but a lot of unpredictable things can happen when the die gets tiny.

So, in this issue, our expert contributors discuss the causes and effects of silicon shrinkage, including how to better manage EM strategies and signal integrity, as signal speeds and rise times continue their trek toward warp speed.

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Shrinking Geometries: Back to Fundamentals to Fight EMI

02/23/2023 | Andy Shaughnessy, Design007 Magazine
Dan Beeker is technical director at NXP Semiconductors, a veteran design engineer, and an instructor who has spent years helping students and customers battle EMI through building a better understanding of electromagnetic fields and field theory. In this interview, Dan explains what happens when silicon shrinks, how feature size controls signal speed, and why this marks the perfect time to return to the fundamentals of physics and field theory.

Advanced Packaging Means Advanced Routing Issues

01/26/2023 | Kris Moyer, IPC
In today’s ever-shrinking world of electronics designs, the use of BGA parts with very fine pitch features is becoming more prevalent. As these fine-pitch BGAs continue to increase in complexity and user I/O (number of balls), the difficulty of finding escape routes and fan-out patterns increases. Additionally, with the shrinking of silicon geometry leading to both smaller channel length and increased signal integrity issues, some of the traditional BGA escape routing techniques will require a revisit and/or adjustment to allow for not only successful fan-out, but also successful functioning of the circuitry of the BGA design.

HyperLynx: There’s an App for That

08/05/2022 | I-Connect007 Editorial Team
I recently spoke with Todd Westerhoff, product marketing manager for signal integrity software tools at Siemens. We discussed a new capability called HyperLynx Apps that offers a new take on traditional signal and power integrity analysis, and how that fits in with the Siemens plan to put SI and PI tools into the hands of more designers early in the design cycle.

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