Avishtech Introduces Gauss Stack Pro Software

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Avishtech, a provider of PCB simulation solutions, today announced the availability of its breakthrough Gauss Stack Pro software. Gauss Stack Pro takes PCB manufacturability and reliability simulations further by accounting for the full board layout, thereby delivering a greater level of granularity and accuracy for PCB designs. This, in turn, optimizes and enhances the PCB prototyping effort and significantly enhances both near- and long-term product reliability.

Keshav Amla, Founder and CEO of Avishtech noted, “When we first launched Gauss Stack, we delivered a virtual world that accurately mimics the real world as relates to the behavior of your PCBs. As we continued penetrating deeper in the market, many customers, as they adopted our offerings, mentioned wish list items for expanding our capabilities to solve hard problems related to both PCB layouts and stackups, in an integrated fashion. Layout software and all other modeling software don’t have these integrated capabilities, so our customers are really excited. Going from stackup to layout in the same environment to look at areas of concern from manufacturing, reliability, signal integrity, thermo-mechanical behavior standpoints at just the click of button is now possible.”

With Gauss Stack Pro, product developers can input their layout files directly into the software which, in turn, will take the aforementioned characteristics into account to provide a more detailed, spatial simulation of factors such as glass stop, resin starvation and filler damming that can become single-points-of-failure if not properly addressed. Developers can also simulate the impact of the imbalance of their layouts on board level warpage by taking the simulations beyond the aggregate-level simulations already available in Gauss Stack.


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