Nexar Releases Latest Edition of the Electronic Design to Delivery Index

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Nexar - a business unit of Altium LLC - released the latest edition of the Electronic Design to Delivery Index (EDDI). Featuring both the Industry Supply Index (ISI) and the recently added Industry Demand Index (IDI), the April 2022 edition of EDDI contains the best free source of supply and demand business intelligence for stakeholders across the electronic component industry.

In this edition of the EDDI, we call attention to a number of important trends:

  • The Industry Supply Index reversed trends in April, posting a decrease for the first time in nearly a year.
  • This decrease in the Industry Supply Index is largely due to lower supply in key categories including Connectors and Discrete Semiconductors
  • Despite this drop, other categories did see an increase in available supply, with Power Products seeing the largest increase.
  • The Industry Demand Index retreated somewhat month over month, with sourcing activity cooling for several categories including connectors and sensors.
  • Demand activity for Integrated Circuits remains extremely high despite a slight dip in activity from the previous month.

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