ExpressPCB Announces ExpressSCH Plus and ExpressPCB Plus Version 3.1

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ExpressPCB® is excited to announce the expansion of its Schematic Link and Netlist Validation tools to fully support the use of symbols in ExpressCSH Plus®. With the release of ExpressPCB Plus® Layout Software version 3.1 they expand the designer’s ability to create complex, multipage schematics, and fully validate the PCB layout.

ExpressPCB customers were very responsive to the version 3.1 release, and provided excellent feedback to help guide the development of the latest version.  With more robust support of symbols used in ExpressSCH Plus, there is now improved speed, stability, and quality of results in the Schematic Link and Netlist Validation tools.

“Our user community has emphasized the importance of schematic link and support for symbols in their design practices.  We took the time to work directly with several customers as we developed our tools, to address their needs.  The result is a robust tool set that helps designers projects move from concept to reality with confidence.” -  Michael Hebda, Product Manager

With additional updates to the SnapEDA API to provide current component pricing, availability, and purchase links; ExpressPCB continues to build simple, easy to use solutions for the overall design and fabrication processes.

The Schematic and Layout tools are simple and unencumbered by multiple layers of menus, options and settings that more advanced PCB Design suites require mastering before you even start on your design project.  If time is of the essence and there is a need to quickly turn out a prototype to get a project off the ground, then ExpressPCB is a great choice.

About ExpressPCB®

ExpressPCB® is an established leader in providing software and manufacturing solutions for high quality, low cost, and quick turnaround prototype circuit boards.  With more than 20 years of experience and over 1 million successfully completed PCB projects behind them, customers can experience the difference that they bring to the electronics industry.  ExpressPCB is committed to improving the overall process for design engineers of all levels and abilities with the fastest to learn layout software available with seamless integration to PCB ordering and manufacturing.



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