Altair Names Origin Engineering Solutions as Channel Partner for the United Kingdom, Ireland

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Altair, the global leader converging simulation, HPC, and AI, added a new channel partner to its growing ecosystem in the UK and Ireland with Origin Engineering Solutions, based in Birmingham, UK. Origin Engineering Solutions will offer Altair’s manufacturing simulation software solutions throughout the UK and Ireland.

Origin Engineering Solutions provides and supports computer-aided design (CAD) and simulation software solutions to the manufacturing sector, which improves design outputs, saves time, and reduces costs. Origin offers its customers carefully selected software solutions combined with training and local support to ensure a quick onboarding and a fast return on investment. This makes Origin an ideal partner to offer Altair’s manufacturing and design solutions, including Altair Inspire, Altair Inspire Cast, and Altair Inspire Mold. 

“Origin’s experience of working with some of the countries’ leading casting, forming, and injection plastic molding companies will enable Altair to reach a wider audience with its leading engineering simulation technologies,” said Dr Royston Jones, chief technology officer, Altair Product Design and UK country manager, Altair. “Together we will be able to help all manufacturers in the UK and Ireland that join our community to reduce physical testing, cut development time and costs, resolve defects, and improve yield.” 

“We are 100 percent focused on simulation solutions for manufacturing that improve design outputs, save time, and reduce cost,” said Rob Shropshire, director, Origin Engineering Solutions. “Altair solutions are perfectly suited for our portfolio as we seek to work with partners that share common values around being forward thinking and innovative. Reselling and supporting the Altair solutions is a natural choice. We look forward to building a longstanding relationship with the team at Altair that is mutually beneficial for ourselves and the customers we serve.”


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