I-Connect007 Editor’s Choice: Five Must Reads for the Week

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This week’s top picks, as influenced by readership interest, don’t seem to hold to a particular theme. Previously, I’ve referred to this as a potpourri, and now that I’ve done that once, I can’t really do so again, can I? How about a mixed bag? No, I don’t think so. While the news is certainly a diverse assortment, this just feels too obvious. 

So, should we call it a mélange? Too geologic. Perhaps a pastiche? No, the news may be celebratory, but it isn’t imitating anything. I’m tempted to go with gallimaufry, except that, while the top five are varied, they’re not really a confused mixture. Hmmm… I guess I’ll just settle on salmagundi. Yes, that’ll do nicely, as all five items on the list this week can be considered newsy food for thought. 

So enjoy our salmagundi of industry news for the last week of October. If you live where All Hallows Eve looks like a candy festival, then enjoy that particular mixed bag as well. We’ll see you in November. 

Ventec Completes Asset Purchase Agreement with Holders Technology in Germany & UK 
Published October 22

From the article, “As part of Ventec’s continued ambitious strategic investment plans to further expand its strong market positioning and technology leadership, the investment boosts Ventec’s value creation in Europe and strengthens its leading position in the PCB design and manufacturing marketplace.” 

Real Time With... SMTAI: Anaya Vardya of American Standard Circuits 
Published October 25

Anaya Vardya, president and CEO at American Standard Circuits, speaks with Nolan Johnson ahead of the SMTA International exposition. Vardya shares why American Standard Circuits will be exhibiting at the show, and outlines the topics ASC will be presenting on the show floor. 

The Government Circuit: How Can Government Help or Hurt You in 2022? 
Published October 26

The seasons may be changing, but IPC’s commitment to advocating for the electronics manufacturing industry remains the same. This week:

  • COVID-19 Continues to Drag Down the U.S. and European Outlook
  • USG Receptive to Defense Electronics Supply Chain Concerns?
  • EPA Eyes Additional Chemical Regulations
  • How Can Government Help or Hurt You in 2022? 

2021 International Electronics Circuit Exhibition (Shenzhen) Coming December 8-10 
Published October 27

The 2021 International Electronics Circuit Exhibition, also known as the HKPCA Show, is one of the key printed circuit exhibitions in the global market. This year, HKPC A will move to a new venue and to be held at the Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center (Bao’an) for the first time from 8-10 December 2021. Read on for more details on the upcoming event. 

EIPC Technical Snapshot Review: Packaging Trends and a PTFE Masterclass 
Published October 27 

Pete Starkey begins his report on the EIPC Technical Snapshot in typical lyrical eloquence: “EIPC has continued to provide its platform for the exchange and dissemination of market knowledge and technical information to the European interconnection and packaging industry. It’s over a year since EIPC launched its remarkably popular series of Technical Snapshot webinars, and they continue to be timely and topical. October 22 brought the 12th in the sequence, introduced and moderated by Martyn Gaudion, EIPC board member and CEO of Polar Instruments.” 

Click through to Pete’s report to get a sense for the value these sessions are bringing to the European PCB industry.


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