I-Connect007 Editor’s Choice: Five Must-Reads for the Week

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It’s October, and we’re officially in Q4, at least for the calendar year. Where did the year go? In a few weeks, I’ll have to put my Hawaiian shirts away. The horror!

This week we have quite a potpourri for you. Our newest columnist, Kim O’Neil of Prototron Circuits, offers details on setting up your own quality management system (QMS). Emmy-winning tech writer David Pogue will be a keynote at IPC APEX EXPO, which I think is a great move on the part of IPC. We have an article from Brent Fischthal of Koh Young America on the value of investing in the latest AOI equipment, which can save you time and money by eliminating false calls.

Rich Tighe of Noah Medical explains how a good collaboration strategy saved the day with some of his design projects. And columnist Mehul Davé brings us his second article in his series on geopolitics and the supply chain. He includes a map showing hundreds of container ships anchored off the coast of China, waiting for cargo bound for North America.

There’s a lot going on right now, but I-Connect007 will bring you the latest industry news as it happens.

Circuit Chronicles: Effective Spokes in the Wheel of QMS
Published October 5

Our new columnist Kim O’Neil, general manager of Prototron Circuits, does a deep dive into the quality management system (QMS). What exactly does QMS encompass? As Kim explains, quality is only one of the spokes in the wheel of QMS, along with communicating, setting objectives and measuring data.

Increase Production Yield by Investing in Leading-Edge Equipment
Published October 6

Brent Fischthal of Koh Young America makes the case for investing in the latest inspection equipment, especially 3D AOI systems. But, as he points out, many companies are still using 2D systems that can yield false calls and escapes. Is it time to up your inspection game?

Collaboration by Design: The Role of EDA Tools
Published October 7

In this article from the September issue of Design007 Magazine, electrical engineering manager Rich Tighe of Noah Medical describes how collaboration with other stakeholders in the manufacturing process keeps him from getting “the dreaded phone call” at 5:30 on a Friday night. I think we’re starting to see more collaboration between designers and fabricators.

The Big Picture: Geopolitics and the PCB Supply Chain, Part 2
Published October 7

Mehul Davé has a great look at the global supply chain problem. He counts almost 250 container ships sitting off the coast of China, waiting to be loaded with cargo bound for the West. And now China’s power shortage is further hampering its ability to keep the loading docks in operation. Check it out; it’s a real mess out there.

Disruptive Technologies Expert David Pogue to Keynote IPC APEX EXPO 2022
Published October 6

Many New York Times columnists are sanctimonious scolds. But technology writer David Pogue is smart and funny, and he’s always worth a read. He also won an Emmy for his work on CBS Sunday Morning, which I started watching back when Charles Kuralt had all of his hair. David is a great entertainer and he knows a lot about technology, so his keynote should be a highlight of IPC APEX EXPO.


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