EMA Webinar: Accelerating Allegro PCB and APD Package Layout Using NVIDIA GPUs for Complex Designs

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EMA has a free webinar coming up “Accelerating Allegro PCB and APD Package Layout Using NVIDIA GPUs for Complex Designs” on Thursday, July 15th, from 2-3:00PM ET. The event focuses on how Boards and Packages are getting extremely complex and large; what used to be considered large with millions of objects are now getting into the 100’s of millions of objects. Traditional rendering on CPU of such large and complex designs is not scalable for today’s demand. In fact, two years ago, we observed a performance degradation in the rendering functionality for certain big designs. With the increasing complexity of designs, the render time increases, and geometry calculations require about 80% of rendering time.

Attendees will learn:

  • How this unique GPU acceleration capability within Allegro can improve your productivity when interacting with large and complex designs.    
  • Benefits of utilizing GPU with Allegro PCB and APD Packing Design.
  • Allegro performance in virtualized environments for large board layouts.    
  • The difference in performance and quality GPU enabled rendering in the Allegro PCB engine provides.

Anyone interested in attending can register at www.ema-eda.com/learning/events.


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