Simberian Releases Simbeor 2021.02

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Simbeor 2021.02 is now available for customers and trials. It provides unmatched productivity for electromagnetic analysis of serial PCB and packaging interconnects with the analysis to measurement correlation. 

Here are the highlights of the recent updates and new release: 

  • Up to 100 times greater acceleration of analysis of 3D structures with 3DML solver and fast interpolative sweep with no impact on accuracy, with the same analysis-to-measurement correlation as before
  • Automatic recognition and model re-use for vias and launches in post-layout decompositional analysis; extracted vias and launches can be further tuned in Via Analyzer or optimized with SiTune.
  • Acceleration of geometry import in Board Analyzer and geometry processing in DeComposer.
  • Simultaneous FD and TD analysis of viaholes, launches and other discontinuities, to see via TDR during the optimization enabled by improved interpolative sweep
  • Easy back-drilling setup in Via Analyzer
  • Wizard to unite geometries of PKG breakout, balls and PCB breakout for modeling as one discontinuity, enabled by the 3DML solver improvements
  • New productivity mode in Simbeor THz without most of the wizards
  • Simbeor SDK contains multiple new functions including everything to automate pre-layout analysis in C/Matlab or Python.

Simbeor 2021.02 is available now. More productivity improvement features will be released this year as continuous deployment of Simbeor 2021 continues—stay tuned.

For more information visit or contact Simberian at



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