Labcenter Electronics Helps Educational Community with Free Cloud Licences for Students

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The closure of educational institutions across the world due to the Corona virus pandemic has left students locked out and unable to continue their studies when those courses are dependent on institutional software licences.

Labcenter has made its cloud licence scheme available free to students from the institutions holding their licensed software, to enable those students to continue their studies remotely throughout this period.

Students are sent login details which allow them to connect, update and save their work remotely as though they were on the institution’s premises.

The Proteus Design Suite helps students of all abilities to learn and progress using industrial standard software. Licensing is flexible and there are substantial multi-user discounts available alongside student and cloud licences.

At introductory level, Visual Designer for Arduino AVR and Raspberry Pi modules use an integrated drag and drop flowchart editor, allowing students to successfully develop and simulate projects straight away with additional electronics and programming complexity being added in a structured way as they progress, rather than as a pre-requisite to learning.

Working alongside Visual Designer is an IoT builder designed to make it quick and easy to control remote electronics from a mobile device.

As students advance, Proteus is used to teach more complex electronics design, including Schematic Layout, PCB Design, Embedded Design and Microcontroller Simulation, in which the whole learning process takes place in software, with the Schematic Capture module serving as the “virtual hardware” and the VSM Studio IDE module enabling firmware development and compilation.

Help files are included within the downloaded application so no need to wait for a physical product delivery and there is a comprehensive selection of video and PDF tutorials alongside a free demo version on the company website.



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