Simbeor 2021.01 Cuts Model-Building Time From Hours to Minutes

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Simberian has released Simbeor 2021.01, which provides a huge boost of productivity for SI engineers by substantially reducing interconnect model building time. The Simbeor 3DML solver is accelerated by 50-100x on most of PCB/packaging problems.

We tested our Frontal Accelerator first time on Wild River Technology’s CMP-28 and Infinera’s EvR-1 test platforms. Electromagnetic model building for microstrip launch on the CMP-28 took just seven minutes instead of 360 minutes (over 50x acceleration) and model for microstrip launch on EvR-1 took just four minutes instead of 290 minutes (over 70x acceleration). All of this is accomplished with exactly the same accuracy confirmed with the measurements. CMP-28 and EvR-1 Kits with the measured data are available on request.

The memory required to solve a problem with the 3DML solver is also reduced by about 4x. Together with the acceleration, this enables users to solve much larger problems in reasonable time, such as nine differential vias with stitching vias in BGA or connector breakout on a 24-layer board, and multilayered package-to-PCB transitions.

Optimization, building solution spaces with thousands of models for design exploration and machine learning—as well as automatic post-layout EM analysis—can be now done much faster in Simbeor 2021. Problems that required overnight runs are solved over a coffee break, and problems that were solved over lunch are now solved while you prepare your coffee. Simbeor 2021 is a breakthrough for Simberian and a game changer for SI engineers.

Accelerated 3DML solver is available with Simbeor Explore and Complete licenses in Simbeor THz, Simbeor Agent, as well as in Simbeor SDK (for scripting in C/Matlab/Python). More productivity improvement features will be released this fall as continuous deployment of Simbeor 2021 continues.

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