American Standard Circuits’ New Book Covers Thermal Management From a Fabricator’s Perspective

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I had the opportunity to speak with Anaya Vardya, president and CEO of American Standard Circuits, about The Printed Circuit Designer’s Guide to…Thermal Management: A Fabricator’s Perspective, which serves as a desk reference for designers on the most current thermal management techniques and methods.

Dan Beaulieu: I just finished reading your new book, and I enjoyed it a great deal. I loved the idea that it is from the fabricator’s point of view, showing the various processes for building thermal management PCBs. With that in mind, why did you write this book on thermal management, and why now?

Anaya Vardya: We have watched with interest as our business for thermal-related PCBs has grown. We have been in this segment of the market for years, doing everything from using the special thermal materials to metal-backed heat sink-type boards. It is definitely a growing market with increased interest. This made us feel it was the right time to provide this book.

Beaulieu: What was your goal in writing this book?

Vardya: Primarily, we wanted to educate our readership when it comes to the various PCB thermal technologies available today. We feel that if we can contribute to the education of our customers, especially the engineers and designers, everything will run more smoothly. We wanted to give our customers insight into what it takes to build a thermal board. In short, the more our customers know about our PCB technology, the better we can work together in the end. We discuss design rules associated with the various different thermal management techniques.

Beaulieu: What is the audience for this book?

Vardya: The book is for professionals who have anything to do with designing PCBs, especially designers and engineers, as well as our customers and people who have an interest in PCBs in general and thermal PCBs specifically.

Beaulieu: What is your background when it comes to thermal management technology?

Vardya: I have been in PCB technology for many years. I have years of experience in thermal management at the various places that I have previously worked at and at ASC.

Beaulieu: Does your company build a lot of thermal management PCBs?

Vardya: We have been steadily growing our thermal PCB business over the past few years. We have a very holistic view of thermal management, providing IMPCB or MCPCB and RF thermal management PCBs. This includes using special materials and processes, as well as building metal-backed boards. We even have three CNC vertical mill three-axis machining centers in-house, plus special plating lines set up to plate the metal in-house, too. This enables us to do all the processing in-house, eliminate outsourcing, and allow us to deliver quick turns on these technologies.

Beaulieu: What is the impetus behind the significant growth in demand for this kind of technology?

Vardya: While demand was originally driven by high-power telecommunication and mil-aero applications, it has rapidly expanded to include automotive, LED lighting, consumer electronics, and medical sectors.

Beaulieu: You see it growing in the future as well?

Vardya: Without a doubt.

Beaulieu: You and your team have presented a number of technical webinars via Zoom this year. Do you plan on doing one on thermal management anytime soon?

Vardya: Absolutely! We have been waiting to publish this book and planned our thermal management webinars for afterward.

Beaulieu: You have done a number of these micro-eBooks now. Do you have plans to do more in the next few years?

Vardya: We have had very good luck with these books in partnership with I-Connect007. This is our third book, and we have had tremendous success with them. In fact, we are planning on publishing another book this year. We are still deciding on what topic we are going to write about.

Beaulieu: The Printed Circuit Designer’s Guide to…Thermal Management: A Fabricator’s Perspective is available for free download today at

Check out other books from American Standard Circuits, including The Printed Circuit Designer’s Guide to… Fundamentals of RF/Microwave PCBs and Flex and Rigid-Flex Fundamentals. Visit to download these and other free, educational titles.


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