Mentor Webinar: Getting Your Design Done Fast and Right

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“Do you want that design done fast or do you want it right?”

You’ve probably heard that expression before, and probably had a chuckle. That’s just the way it is, right?

Webinar presenters Don Kost and Pat McGoff of Valor say, “Have it both ways!” They invite you to check out their on-demand webinar “Optimize New Product Introductions — Going Fast, Right or Both.”

Attendees will learn how DFM software lets designers check to ensure manufacturability—of both the fabricated board and the assembled product—as your design progresses.

This webinar will explain:

  • How DFM decisions impact yield, cost, and reliability of your designs
  • How DFM tools help you optimize your designs for manufacturing
  • How running DFM software embedded with EDA software facilitates better designs faster

Who should attend:

  • PCB design managers and designers
  • DFM and NPI engineers
  • Manufacturing engineers
  • Supplier quality engineers

To view this on-demand webinar, click here.



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