But Wait, There’s More Happy-ness: Happy Holden Wants Your Questions

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It started out as a simple idea: Why not let our readers pose questions to Happy Holden? And we mean any question—technical, market trends, you name it.

As you’ve no doubt discovered while perusing the pages of I-Connect007 newsletters over the past few weeks, “Just Ask Happy” turned out better than we could have imagined. PCB designers, fabricators, and assembly providers from all over the world submitted their questions. So far, Happy has answered questions regarding everything from HDI and stacked microvia reliability challenges to the flexible and rigid-flex issues, and the global PCB fabrication market of the future.

The “Just Ask Happy” series has been so popular that we’re giving readers another bite at the apple. Here’s your chance to send Happy Holden more of your questions. What’s the one question about this industry that no one has ever been able to answer to your satisfaction?

Just ask Happy! If Happy doesn’t know the answer, he’ll talk to someone who does. To submit your questions to Happy, click here.



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