Ex Officio: Advice From Designers Who Recently Began Telecommuting

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Most PCB designers are now working from home as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown. In a recent Design007 Magazine survey, we asked the following question: What lessons have you learned since you began designing PCBs from home?

Here are just a few of the comments, edited slightly for clarity:

  1. Microsoft Teams can be a very powerful tool.
  2. Clear documentation becomes the easier route, rather than frequent interaction.
  3. There is an art to knowing whether a call, a message, or a video conference is the right path for a given issue.
  4. Establish a reasonable working schedule, and at the end of the scheduled time, actually leave that office/room.
  5. I tried talking to myself, but it made no sense.

An upcoming issue of Design007 Magazine will shine an office lamp on the PCB designers who are now working remotely.



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