Nimbix Expands Hybrid Cloud HPC Software Platform

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Nimbix, the leading high-performance computing (HPC) cloud platform provider, announced significant expansion of the JARVICE™ XE Enterprise Software platform to include new hyperscale cloud support along with new EDA applications and workflows to its HyperHub™ ecosystem. 

The expanded cloud portfolio features the Nimbix Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Compute Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure as well as on-premises Kubernetes-based clusters.  Nimbix supports any combination of these infrastructures to meet the hybrid cloud needs of customers with advanced computing use cases, ranging from Electronic Design Automation (EDA) to GPU and FPGA-accelerated applications in domains such as energy, media, and bioinformatics. To further expand its footprint in the EDA industry, Nimbix has also joined the Cadence Cloud Passport Program, ensuring mutual customers experience the power of the cloud through an easy-to-deploy platform.

The JARVICE XE platform provides click-to-run workflow support for the entire HyperHub catalog of advanced computing applications, featuring commercial and open source codes from major Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), universities, and popular public domain projects. These workflows are seamlessly portable between target infrastructures defined in the JARVICE XE control plane under a "single pane of glass" design.  Users simply select, scale, and submit applications from HyperHub, and the platform automatically places the workloads seamlessly by policy.  HyperHub also allows end-users and ISVs to extend and curate the service catalog with custom workloads and supports Digital Rights Management (DRM) with global distribution by entitlement.

"Our enterprise journey to hybrid cloud HPC required new tools and methodologies.  The Nimbix team, with their JARVICE XE platform, aligned well with our ambitious roadmap to achieve our infrastructure goals while improving the overall user experience," said Gernot Fattinger, Senior Director Global EDA and BAW R&D at Qorvo, Inc.

"Through our collaboration with Nimbix, we're enabling mutual customers like Qorvo to increase productivity and simplify their deployments with the cloud," said Craig Johnson, vice president of Cloud Business Development at Cadence. "As an EDA provider, we have a deep understanding of the industry's intense compute requirements, and we've continued to lead the industry toward seamless cloud adoption. We're looking forward to growing in our journey with Nimbix as a Cadence Cloud Passport member and enabling customers to design in the cloud with confidence."

JARVICE XE integrates with Kubernetes to enable High Performance Computing (HPC) and scale-out workflows on converged infrastructure.  It effectively scales traditional EDA and HPC applications without having to re-architect them to fit container-native patterns, enabling the large installed base of advanced computing software to leverage modern cloud technologies immediately.  Nimbix draws on almost a decade of experience, enabling containerized high-performance workflows to achieve this level of integration.

"As more enterprises migrate toward hybrid cloud architectures, it's important to provide a consistent and performant user experience across all infrastructures and providers.  This is especially key for scientific and engineering workloads, which demand heightened levels of precision and repeatability," said Leo Reiter, Nimbix CTO, and SVP of Product.  "JARVICE XE, combined with ISV workflows from HyperHub, is the perfect technology stack for a global platform to enable the most compute-intensive use cases in the market today."

JARVICE XE is available immediately for on-premises and hybrid cloud deployments and is licensed annually with full support and updates.  Cloud bursting and multi-site support are featured capabilities.


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