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Opinions about app notes are like through-holes: If you’re a PCB designer or design engineer, odds are that you have one. Are they handy tools for a designer’s toolkit, or overly optimistic marketing materials that should be assumed wrong until proven right?

In the June issue of Design007 Magazine, we talk to experts on both sides of the issue: Rick Hartley, Dan Beeker, Max Maxfield, Istvan Novak, Geof Lipman, Martyn Gaudion, Kelly Dack, and John Coonrod.

We also bring you columns by regular contributors Barry Olney, Joe Fjelstad, Dominique Numakura, Jade Bridges, and Bob Tise and Matt Stevenson. And this month, we bring you an interview with Pallav Argawal, an embedded systems and PCB designer based in Bangalore, India, who describes his journey from electronics hobbyist and tinkerer to degreed engineer with customers around the globe.

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