Mentor Webinar May 26: Customizing DDR4 Designs for Cost and Performance

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Designers often rely on guidelines provided by controller vendors to drive PCB layout, but following those rules isn’t always possible. DDR layout guidelines can also drive up a board’s manufacturing costs, because they tend to be conservative. Dedicated SI experts have long used pre-layout simulation to develop their own layout rules that optimize design margin and cost for their particular applications, but SI experts are a scarce resource in most organizations.

This webinar will discuss the different design variables that can affect DDR design margin, and show how board and system designers can use HyperLynx pre-layout simulation to develop layout rules that will optimize design margins and minimize cost.

What Attendees Will Learn

  • Designing a stackup to meet impedance requirements
  • Balancing inter-trace spacing against impedance and crosstalk
  • Balancing drive strength and inter-trace spacing against crosstalk
  • Using simulation to derive board-level layout rules
  • Predicting design operating margins before layout
  • Optimizing drive strength and receiver ODT settings


Tuesday, May 26, 2020
2 PM US/Eastern
2 PM Europe/London
10 AM Asia/Singapore

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