DownStream Technologies Announces 25% Year-to-Year Sales Growth

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DownStream Technologies, LLC a leading supplier of PCB post-processing solutions, announced that 2019 sales revenue increased by 25% overall as compared to 2018. Strong global demand and continued adoption of the company's latest product releases helped fuel the growth. Sales revenue from the company's PCB documentation solution, BluePrint-PCB®, was particularly impressive with sales gains of more than 80% year over year.

Customer Base Adoption of New Release

In Q4 of 2018, the company announced Release 2018 for its flagship products CAM350®, BluePrint-PCB®, and DFMStream®. This release added new functionality and 3D technology into the products. The adoption of that release by DownStream's user base, as well as subsequent updates throughout 2019 were major factors in driving overall sales growth.

"We are extremely pleased with our financial performance in 2019," said Rick Almeida, one of DownStream's Founders. "We have always had a close relationship with our user base. We query them often to understand what features and functionality they require. Our latest releases are a direct reflection of their input, including the addition of 3D technology," he added.

BluePrint-PCB Sees Major Growth

In addition, BluePrint-PCB®, DownStream's PCB Documentation Solution saw outstanding sales growth with new installations at both new and existing major accounts.

"The continued acceptance of BluePrint-PCB is extremely satisfying," said Joe Clark, one of DownStream's Founders. "While sales revenues grew, we are also excited to see product installations grow 125% over 2018," he added.

About DownStream Technologies

DownStream Technologies, LLC is a software and services company focused on helping engineering organizations optimize and automate the PCB Release Process. Our tools redefine how engineering professionals post-process PCB designs to create and distribute all the deliverables required for a complete PCB assembly release package. CAM350® provides verification, optimization and output generation to efficiently drive PCB fabrication. DFMStream® is a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use tool suite designed to help engineers and designers verify design and manufacturing rules on PCB design databases, Gerber and NC data any time during the PCB design cycle. BluePrint for Printed Circuit Boards® works with CAM350® (and other PCB CAD systems) to help users quickly produce comprehensive electronic drawings to drive PCB fabrication, assembly and inspection processes. More information about DownStream can be found at

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