Calumet Electronics Helps Combat COVID-19

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Printed circuit board supplier Calumet Electronics has joined the battle against COVID-19 by helping to produce boards for much needed ventilators to help treat patients infected with the disease. With a repercussion of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic being a slowing of offshore delivery, it’s vital that domestic manufacturers step up to help in the fight.

Familiar with the industry, Calumet already produces more than 500,000 printed circuit boards every year for American OEMs that provide devices to the medical industry.

Todd Brassard, VP and chief operating officer stated, “A company who produces breathing machine equipment, placed a large order with us for ventilators needed at the front lines COVID-19 battle. We will prioritize and deliver these types of orders ASAP. Our committed employees, technologies and 50 years of experience, positions Calumet to deliver reliable parts that will work without fail in these ventilators.”

Calumet is following all recommendations of state and federal officials in order to keep their employees safe while they produce parts for the critically needed devices.


Calumet Electronics is recognized by the State of Michigan as an essential business. The company will continue to operate and supply printed circuit boards to vital infrastructure industries. Calumet is manufacturing PCBs for critical uses in life saving medical equipment, critical power grid infrastructure, and defense. Please support our workers who are manufacturing critical products during this time of uncertainty.



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