Design007 Survey: Profitability in Your Design Process

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In a recent survey, we asked the following question: What part does profitability play in your PCB design planning process? Here are a few of the comments, edited slightly for clarity.

  1. It is important that our designs meet all of our requirements for the minimum cost.
  2. A very small amount. Our profit is related to production parts. We offer design help to get the production.
  3. Profitability is a production concept. It plays a large part in volume. Like any other product purchased in volume, shaving 10 cents off the cost of a million PCBs saves ten thousand dollars. Conversely, putting in extra effort to shave ten cents off your PCB one-offs is an expense with no return.
  4. We think of it more from a design for manufacturability aspect. We assume (maybe incorrectly?) that if it is readily producible, with high reliability and good yields, it will maximize our profit.
  5. Profitability is of central importance. A good design with no hope of profitability is not really a good design.



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