DesignCon Kicks Off Its 25th Anniversary Show

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DesignCon’s 25th anniversary show got underway yesterday, and the I-Connect007 Editorial Team was there, meeting with some of the industry’s top electronics engineers, technologists and managers.

The trade show and conference that is literally “by engineers, for engineers” rang in its silver anniversary with a busy show floor and a variety of keynotes, panels and sessions. Most of the attendees and exhibitors we’ve met with say that their companies are still expanding, and many are still in hiring mode. If anyone in this segment is looking for a job, even for a lateral move, this is a great time for you.

bogatin-2020.jpgOne of the highlights of the first day was Eric Bogatin’s “So You Think You Understand What a TDR Measures” in the Chiphead Theater, just off the show floor. Eric was working the crowd, asking for help from the audience and tossing candy bars to anyone who had a correct answer.

The first day closed with a champagne toast to the show’s first 25 years.

Enjoy the slide show below from the first day of DesignCon 2020.



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