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Happy New Year! This month’s column highlights the Cascade chapter in the Seattle, Washington, area. Also, after ringing in 2019, mark your calendars for two upcoming January shows in California (IPC APEX EXPO and DesignCon) as well as this year’s CID and CID+ training and certification schedule.

Chapter Spotlight

by Cherie Litson, MIT, CID/CID+

The IPC Designers Council is an international network of designers. Its mission is to promote printed circuit board design as a profession and to encourage, facilitate, and promote the exchange of information and integration of new design concepts through communications, seminars, workshops, and professional certification through a network of local chapters.

This month’s spotlight is the Cascade chapter, which recently held a CID+ class at Lake Washington Institute of Technology (LWIT) in Kirkland from December 4–7. LWIT has partnered with EPTAC Corporation and Mentor, a Siemens Company, for a training facility focused on IPC certification classes. One of the full-time LWIT instructors, Joe Gryniuk, is an IPC-600 and IPC-610 instructor as well as one of the principal instructors for electronic technician classes for the past 20+ years. Thanks to Joe’s efforts, we have been able to present our CID and CID+ classes, host our Designers Council meetings, and support other IPC certification courses at LWIT.

Our CID+ class had four people enrolled who came from around the area. All who attended learned about how board materials affected their designs, including EMI, EMC, impedance control, power distribution techniques, board stackups, and placement strategies in more detail than what was in the CID. Further, participants took the exam first thing Friday morning. This allowed us time to attend the Designers Council “lunch-and-learn” meeting down the hall, and the Altium user group met afterward in the same location.

Starting our Altium user group was a huge success. There were many requests from our members who do attend the meetings for such a group. David Haboud from Altium came and did a short presentation on the new Altium 19 features. Then, we discussed how these features will affect how we use Altium going forward. We were very excited about the 3D functionality and hope that it expands to be able to control more of the board-to-board signals. There was some skepticism about the new library functionality and how that will affect existing libraries. Most of us want to explore this in more detail at a future meeting. We’ll probably have another one around March.

To read this entire column, which appeared in the January 2019 issue of Design007 Magazine, click here.



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